Benefits of Online Lessons

  • Convenience
    No travel time for you or the teacher. Great for a busy schedule.
  • Selection
    With online lessons, you can connect with any teacher, anywhere in the country.
  • Price
    Online lessons are typically priced lower than local in-person lessons.
  • Effective
    Our online students typically stick with their lessons longer than local students.

How Online Lessons Work

  • Search & Book Online
    You can book, schedule, and pay for lessons through our website, just the same as if you're booking a local lesson.
  • Connect
    When it's time for your lesson, simply head to your computer. We recommend Skype as the online video platform - it's a free download. You'll be able to see and talk to your teacher online through the camera and microphone.

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For online AutoCAD lessons using Skype you need the following:
  • AutoCAD installation in your computer
  • Installation and connection (it is Free) with Skype
  • Internet connection (ADSL)
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